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Samara Mahindra belonging to the famed Mahindra family, lost her mother to cancer due to the lack of holistic attention on her physical, mental, emotional and nutritional state of being and thus founded ‘The Carer Program’. The program focuses on building immunity and providing the right measures in decreasing chances of relapse. It the world’s only healthcare start up that is focused on post cancer care for survivors. In its endeavour to change the course of cancer, CARER is reaching out to and helping those all-over India in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities at a minimal price. Bridging the gap between the top cancer specialists and the common man. CARER focuses on an integrative approach that takes into account nutrition, movement and mind-body in order to build immunity and to reduce risks of relapse.


What are the challenges that you have faced in your professional life being a woman?

I wouldn’t classify my challenges any different from any other entrepreneur, irrelevant of gender. The process has been pretty smooth for me and accommodating. I did find however when I first decided to launch and in the early days of CARER, many would recommend to undertake an endeavour that was much easier. Fashion or acting was something I was offered or recommend to do, because interestingly it was and is still is more associated to a gender specific role.


What motivated you towards setting a start-up rather than joining a well-established business?

I joined a well-established business and realised I was spending all day every day of my energy trying to make someone else’s vision come alive. Additionally I also found a major gap and problem in the space of healthcare and wanted to solve it.

Samara Mahindra 1
Samara Mahindra

How has the Carer program helped the lives of the people?

We are an integrated and holistic home care company that provides therapies that support a patients healing and recovery. We focus on building immunity, managing the side effects of treatment better, decreasing the collateral damage the treatment is doing on the body and mind, guiding and helping patients make permanent lifestyle changes and providing support to their family members and caregivers as well. CARER is an extension of the patient’s family with the objective of helping the patient and caregivers overcome the cancer successfully.


In spite of busy work schedules, how have you been able to maintain a balance between personal and professional life?

I haven’t been able to maintain one in the past however today I have become more mindful of doing so. You have to take time off and make a deliberate effort to focus on personal aspects of life when required and talk shop when needed.


What is the one accomplishment you feel most proud about?

Being able to envision an idea and having the guts to bring it to fruition. CARER has been my biggest accomplishment and the more people we help, the more it continues to be so.


What message would you like to share with other women across the globe on this Women’s Day?

Our intuition, empathy, compassion, ability to multitask, and high tolerance to pain and perseverance is patiently lying somewhere deep within. The day we tap into that, is the day we realise we can move mountains. Don’t be afraid to go there and take a chance on yourself because you will be surprised at what you’ll find.


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