INSPIRING WOMEN: Always have ‘never say die’ attitude


Ms. Bhairavi Sagar is the Co-Founder of Voyages Overland Pvt. Ltd & Founder/Director of Onion Insights Pvt. Ltd. A serial entrepreneur, a trusted customer experience measurement professional, an offbeat traveller, she has donned many hats since she joined the workforce over 2 decades ago. Her recent venture as Co-Founder of Voyages Overland, brings authentic overlanding to anyone who is in love with the great outdoors. Their USP is the fleet of vehicles used for overlanding, which are colourful, unassuming, sturdy, off-road capable TRUCKS, with their own personality! From a self-help kitchen to a separate utility section, washing machines to roof seats, charging points to top-notch speakers and audio systems – they have you covered for your overlanding journey. At the age of 41, Bhairavi wanted to overcome the fear of driving, so she learnt driving in a 6 month span before taking the solo self-driving trip to Iceland for 9 Days.


What barriers have you faced, as a woman, in becoming successful in your field? How did you overcome them?

Barriers / roadblocks are a part and parcel of every entrepreneur setting up their business. There were always good days and bad days, and the bad days were overcome by just being focused on the ultimate goal and never giving up on what I believed in.


Inspite of busy work schedules, how have you been able to maintain a balance between personal and professional life?

I have never found the need to find a balance because my professional life involves me doing the things I love. My work is my passion and I do what I love to do.

Bhairavi Sagar 1
Bhairavi Sagar

You drove in Iceland for 9 days. How was the solo driving experience?

One word – Thrilling. Driving solo in Iceland gave me the space I needed to ideate and decompress from the urban life. But more importantly, it made me believe that you can achieve anything the moment you set your mind to it. Mind you, this solo road trip in Iceland was taken only within 6 months after I had learnt how to drive.


What is it like to be a woman entrepreneur today?

In a country like India, it feels good when people look up to you not only because you are a woman but for your knowledge, skills and achievements. I have never played the woman’s card and have always let my work do all the talking.

Bhairavi Sagar 2
Bhairavi Sagar at work

What message would you like to share with other women across the globe on this Women’s Day?

Always have a ‘Never Say Die’ attitude, regardless of how impossible the road ahead seems. Simply Go for it and give it your all, for if you don’t, you would never know what you are capable of. So wake up and kick your day into motion and never let the ‘log kya kehenge’ stop you!


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