10 Tips to keep your skin healthy in summers

Rashi Bahel Mehra

Rashi Bahel Mehra

Summer season brings with it a lot of variations in the climate which directly affect the skin. It is essential to take special care of it from the heat, warmth of the sun, hot winds that damages the skin. Sun damage leads to premature ageing, dry skin, dark spots or pigmentation, wrinkles and even skin cancer over time.

To avoid these problems and keep the skin healthy one must follow the below tips:

Drinking Water Thirsty Man Male Drink Young
Stay hydrated to keep your body refreshed

Stay Hydrated and use face mist

In summers our skin loses a lot of moisture as the sun dries it out .We also tend to sweat a lot in summers and get dehydrated and makes the skin dull and pale . Hence it is very important to keep your body hydrated by drinking water from time to time, to keep it refreshed, soft and moisturized. You must treat yourselves with other fluids like seasonal fruit juices, coconut water, butter milk as  so  that the heat level in the body is decreased and body remains cool and hydrated this which directly affects the health of your skin. Fluids help to detoxify your skin making your skin soft, supple and glowing. Also during summers our skin deals with harsh sun, sweat and dirt which gets settled on the skin .It is thus important to not only hydrate our skin but also safeguard it from harshness it deals with .So using a face mist would be of great help as it would not only hydrate the skin but it would refresh, revive it. You can also use it to clean your face and get rid of the dirt from the pores. Clean pores prevent acne and pimples. Hence one must a good face mist which is made of natural herbs such as Alanna’s rose and grapeseed face mist & Lavender and mint face mist which is skin-friendly.

Court Eat Vegetables Salad Food Wreak Egg
Avoid junk food and eat healthy

Adapt good Lifestyle & Eating habits

What we eat is how we look. Our lifestyle and food habits depict the quality of our skin. Include fruits and vegetables that have high water content in them such as watermelon, cucumber, oranges and lettuce which will give you nutrients and anti-oxidants. Avoid eating junk or fast-food as they have excessive salts in it which has a dehydrating affect in your body ultimately reflecting in your skin making it dull, pale, prone to acne etc. Similarly, using nature-friendly skin-care products uplifts your skin giving it a natural glow.

Washing face
Get rid of accumulated dirt by cleaning your face twice daily

Keep it clean

Clean you face at least twice a day. In summers you sweat a lot and dirt gets accumulated on the skin. Dirt further promotes acne, pimples etc. Thus cleaning your face is very important. As your skin is already dried, bathing in hot water will; make it drier. Hence it is suggested to have a bath in cold water.

Sunscreen protects from harmful UV Rays

Sunscreen is a must!

It is very important to apply sunscreen on your body as it not only prevents your skin from darkening and damage but also protects it from the harmful UV Rays of the sun. Invest in a sunscreen that suits your skin type with a balanced SPF and has natural UV fighting agent to keep it radiant and glowing. One must apply a sunscreen, at least 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun. It is essential to reapply the sunscreen every two hours and opt for a waterproof one. Long exposure to sun makes your skin tanned, pigmented and prone to various skin cancers. Thus sunscreen is essential part of skincare routine for summers to keep it healthy.

Skin Toner
Toner clears pores and keeps skin moisturized

Toning should not be skipped

A toner helps to keep skin moisturized, balances the PH level of the skin, a toner cleans the pores as well as closes it keeping it cool .You can use a DIY toner by mixing rose water, aloevera gel it’s natural as well as excellent for skin for summers. You can also opt for face mist which act as a toner that are available in the market from various organic and natural brands.

Exfoliate Skin
Exfoliate to remove dead skin

Don’t forget to Exfoliate

People often assume exfoliation dries the skin more, but you need to exfoliate the skin at least once in a week to be sure of removing all the dead skin as they prevent the moisture from getting in the skin. Exfoliation also helps improved blood circulation to the skin which help the skin glow and stay healthy. For example Alanna’s Age No Bar Almond Scrub and Alanna Detox scrub.

Face Moisturizer
Moisturize your skin to keep it healthy

Keep it moisturized

In order to maintain a healthy skin always moisturize your skin. Moisturizing rejuvenates the skin by providing it the required nutrients making it radiant and youthful. When choosing a moisturizer, go for the one which is rich in quality but at the same time isn’t too greasy as you don’t want excessive oil on your skin. Always read the key-components and its skin-friendliness with specific types to avoid skin problems. The ones with 100 % natural ingredients make the best choice as they are made out plants & flowers extracts, providing maximized result without the fear of skin reactions. Using hand and foot creams regularly will help you get rid of cracked heels and rough hands.

Lip Balm
Use lip balm to protect it from getting tanned

Treat your Lips with care

Lips are one of the most delicate part of the body. In summers your lips tend to get tanned. Using a lip-scrub and Lip Balm helps to protect it from getting tanned and also keep its moisture. Protecting your lips with an all-natural Lip Scrub and Lip Balm with a natural SPF will work great.

Face Pack
Use home packs to keep skin healthy

Treat your skin with DIY remedies

Just like your body needs food. You skin also needs food. As natural way is the best way for you to get anything. You can use home remedies work best to keep you skin healthy. Homemade packs such as Ubtan, Lemon and Honey face pack, Tomato and yogurt, Potato and Baking soda, Cucumber Extract, Lemon Juice and Rose Water. These DIY face packs takes care of various factors such as sun tan, sun burns, keeping the skin cool and moisturized as well as gives a glow.

No Makeup
Use minimal makeup to keep skin healthy

Go minimal with makeup

It’s best to keep your makeup minimal and natural in summers. During summers your skin gets sweaty, oily which makes your makeup runny and it doesn’t stay on your skin for longer time. Also as applying compact and foundation clog your pores which further promotes bacteria build up on the skin which then develop pimples, acnes etc. Instead use a tinted moisturizer’s, water based moisturizers, tinted sunscreens on your skin. Use a tinted lip balm with SPF in it.


This article is authored by Rashi Bahel Mehra, Founder, Alanna
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