Keshav Raina

Keshav Raina


Due to change in planetary positions at the beginning of the month, this month will be very auspicious. Due to effect of these planets any interrupted work can be resumed again. In case of working professionals it can result in a departmental promotion. There can also be some improvement in your financial condition.


Due to the similarity of the auspicious planetary planets, this month will be passed in the atmosphere of peace, your income will be steady. Any auspicious message from the child side is expected.


Due to the absence of any special changes in the planets, this month will also pass peacefully like last month. Whatever work you do, business or job will continue to run properly.


Due to no change in the planetary positions, this month will also pass peacefully like last month. Your earnings will remain steady and will continue to have good relations with your friends. Month of success for students.


The zodiac lord Sun, in the sixth house, is an indicator of auspiciousness. You will have an opportunity to meet your senior officers, which will be beneficial to you. Best month for students.


Three planets, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in the fourth house are considered to be auspicious. If you have any property related problems, then it can be solved with a little effort.


Due to no change in the planets, this month will also pass through the atmosphere of unpleasantness. Due to the planetary positions, your work will not be completed without interruption. There can be some concern related to the body of a family member.


There have been some changes in the planets at the beginning of the month, which are beneficial for you in every way and will give success. But some planets can affect your body.


The change in planetary positions at beginning of the month will bring good luck with benefits and the health of body. Your income will also be steady.


The three planets together in the twelfth house are indicator that money could be lost or being trapped in business. You will receive respect and honour this month. For students, this will be a month of success.


This month will go through peace in all manner, your earnings will be strengthened and expenses will also remain on a higher side, but, the expense will be only on any auspicious task.

Due to no change in planets, this month will pass like last month. Each of your tasks will go well. But, the result of some work may not be as expected. Your earnings will remain limited, but the expenses is be on a higher side.

Keshav Raina is a predictor and gives advice on what to look forward to and how to put together their life in difficult situations.
PS: This is a general prediction for all zodiac signs. Neither the Tarot Card reader nor Fashion & Fitness is legally responsible in any manner whatsoever.
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